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How to Plan for a Sustainable Flyer Delivery Campaign

The entire world is becoming increasingly conscious about saving the environment, and your business should also be. Now, if that’s not adequate reason for you to try and adopt greener concepts for your business, you would obviously listen to your consumers, because they are the lifeline of your business. Studies reveal that 90% of global consumers prefer to deal with businesses that are responsible towards environmental issues.

So, if you want the consumers to recognize you as a responsible business, you need to incorporate a greener perspective in every aspect of your business, including the brochure, flyer, leaflet or catalogue delivery campaigns.

More than 80% of consumers who receive letterbox media go through the materials, and out of them, 50% are likely to make a purchase decision on the basis of this. But what if the consumers question whether you are going for sustainable flyer distribution in Adelaide? Here’s how you can ensure that your flyer, leaflet or catalogue delivery campaign is leaving behind a greener footprint.

Opt for sustainable inks and paper

Your environmental footprint will be considerably reduced if you use vegetable-based inks and sustainable paper. Fewer resources are required to create sustainable paper compared to new paper. Australian Conservation Foundation has conducted a research which reveals that production of recycled paper brings down the consumption of electricity, water, landfill, oil and more.

There is some good news for those who are a bit skeptical about the quality of sustainable paper. With several advancements in technology, the recycled paper of today is comparable in quality to non-recycled paper.  It is advisable to look for paper stocks which the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) have approved of.

Vegetable-based inks, usually prepared from canola, linseed or corn, are more eco-friendly in comparison to petroleum-based inks. They are not only derived from renewable sources, but also cause minimal air pollution during the printing process.

Narrow down on your target audience

Once you have created sustainable flyers, make sure that they reach the appropriate audience through GPS letterbox distribution in Adelaide. Flyer, leaflet or catalogue delivery campaigns are becoming increasingly targeted, and currently several tools are available to help you accumulate useful data and use it to narrow down on your audience.

Even a reputed provider of flyer distribution can help you identify your target market through demographic profiling and other processes. So, the main thing is that you should not waste your flyers on people who are not interested or do not require your services or products.

Be sure of the end results

Dumped flyers are a big concern for the environment. To avoid this, you must work with distribution companies which offer GPS letterbox distribution services. In this way, you can be sure that every flyer is distributed and not dumped in bins, bushes, streets, or elsewhere.

Your business can indeed create an enduring relationship with the consumers through sustainable flyer delivery. So, next time you plan your campaign, do spare a thought for the environment.


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